In my spare time I do some rc hobby flying. I have the multiplex easystar, which I modified to include ailerons by cutting two ailerons in the wing and placing two 9gr servo's at the bottom of the wings. I setup my wk2801 pro receiver for flaperon mixing which also allows me to use ailerons. For easy installation I used duct tape, interchanging the "sticky" direction. This is a picture of the adjustment for ailerons:

From the bottom it is visible how (simple) I inserted the servo's (9g, for example hxt900, cheap but functional) in a hole I cut out using a knife and a dremel. To keep them in place I simple covered them with duct tape. I used a servo extension cable to connect the servo's to the correct channels (aux2 and aileron channels).

I also enlarged the tail rudder somewhat using CA glue and the bottom cut out of a plastic box:

Later on I decided to install a more powerful motor, the HXT 2835 (380S) 2200kv Brushless Inrunner from hobbyking (3s1p 2200mah lipo). To go with this, I ordered the TGS Sport 6x4E Precision propeller and a Shaft adapter to suit 3.175mm motor shaft (also from hobbyking). For ESC I used the copterx 50A esc I had left over from a crashed helicopter (yes I did some learning). First I had to cut out the the standard permax 400 motor and pull out the wires:

Hereafter I saw off a few pieces of plywood using a fretsaw. I glued it together using CA glue only (and a bit of activator, but I don't think this is needed). I know there are other, perhaps better ways of glueing it together but I tested the CA glue and it worked perfectly. The best thing is that it is finished in seconds, especially using the activator. I even had some smoke coming from the glue when I applied the activator :P

Finally, I cut off some elapor from the plane to better fit the ESC. I used velcro tape to stick the ESC to the plane for easy removal. The final result is displayed in detail below :

Finally, the whole plane. I think it looks a bit shabby because of the duct tape, but flies very fast without losing much of the original "easy handling":